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    Human Resource Management

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    MGT330 DB Unit 1 2 paragraphs
    Conduct a discussion on the discussion board on the topic of, "How Human Resource management concepts and techniques can be of use to all managers." This is done via engaging in dialogue with each other on the DB.
    Next, review and analyze the discussion board postings. Post your own summary of key concepts discussed (one paragraph) and second paragraphs on five specific ways in which you feel these concepts are useful. Remember to include ways in which implementation and usage could have important consequences for an organization.

    Unit 1 IP 3-5 Pages
    Using your text and additional internet resources, create the following for an organization.
    1. A sexual harassment policy statement. Remember to defend your policy with valid reasoning and effective documentation. The policy statement should be realistic and thorough (it should resemble something an actual company would use to convey its sexual harassment policy to employees).
    2. Outline the steps that will be taken if a manager or member of the human resources department receives a sexual harassment complaint from an employee.

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    // Before describing the ways through which the human resource management can become useful for the manager, the knowledge of the human resource management is very important. After having the information about the human resource management concepts, the ways through which human resource management can help managers can be discussed effectively. So, initially, we will discuss the key concepts.//

    For production of commodities, an organization should have five 'M'. Man is one of them. Human resource management plays a critical role in the growth of a company, because it deals with the company's employees. Human resource management tells us, how to interact with human beings within the organization. As we know that employees are the assets of the corporation, so the human resource management is very imperative part of the company's management. It deals with issues related to employees such as recruiting, selection, placement, training, motivation; appraisal etc. through HR management, Managers strike a balance between employee's, as well as, the organization's goal. Managers motivate the employees and use the employee's capabilities in a congruent manner.

    //The above discussion is related to the Human Resource Management concepts and why is it essential an Organization. Moving to the next part of the instructions, now we will discuss, the ways in which Human Resource Management can be used by the Managers. //

    Human resource management is necessary in every type of industry. There are five issues, for which it can be used, they are as under:

    Goals - Through HR policy, a Manager maintains a balance among the personal, as well as, the organizational goals.
    Acquiring - Core area of HR management is to predict the future needs of employees in the business. If attrition rate is high in the organization, Management has to give high concern to the recruiting function.
    Developing - In this section, HR Managers consider the employee's development. Managers make induction program and the training schedule.
    Motivating - Motivation for the employees is very necessary. HR Manager motivates the employees. They use HR policies for motivation.
    Retaining Human Resources - Retaining human resources is not an easy task. For retaining the employees, Manager uses various HR techniques (Zweig, 1991)
    // I hope the assistance provided by me is quite sufficient to address the queries. It will surely help you to develop a better understanding of the topic ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 416 words with references.