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A further/follow-up discussion on the benefits of freelancing in the modern context of the journalism industry.

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In this brief discussion, we further examine some of the trade-off benefits of freelancing in the journalism industry. This discussion elaborates on prior discussions and further examines the specific financial and networking benefits of freelancing in not only establishing a compelling reputation and appeal for the concerned writer at an industry level, but also in terms of fostering potentially broader work and financially rewarding opportunities.

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In the world of professional writing, editing and media/journalism, the rising tide of freelancing has had a substantial impact on the industry as a whole, including its culture. There are many benefits to the traditional approach of one becoming employed by certain outlets under a formalised employment agreement; however, one will find that there are distinct advantages for writers and journalists to being freelance. This entry will delve into some of these advantages and why these can make a compelling case for one to consider freelancing as a practical and professionally rewarding approach to their career aspirations.

The overarching theme revolves around self-determination and creative control. As a freelance writer, editor and especially journalist, one will have the freedom to control what they write and how they write it, being reasonably mindful of the market and client demands, of course.

Such a career approach also helps one make greater inroads in the industry. ...

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A cursory examination of the specific work opportunity and career benefits of freelancing in the writing and journalism industries.