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    New media and print journalism

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    This question sparked an interesting discussion on the topic of New Media's revolutionising effect on the state of journalism in general, as well as its encroaching impact on the readership and appeal of its traditional print counterpart.

    In this solution, you will find a compelling and well-supported discussion about not only the increasing market share of New Media, but also the many benefits--such as the fast-paced, inclusionary nature and accessibility of online media--that has prompted experts and consumers alike to develop a pessimistic view of print journalism's relevance in the evolving market climate.

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    Not Quite a Dilemma: The Struggles of Print Journalism against New Media

    Under the substantial technological leaps of the internet age, the greatly spaced-out aspects of mass communication, public relations, social media, traditional news reporting, print journalism and feature writing have been rather effectively consolidated under the new media umbrella. This convergence under New Media, which has demonstrated a great shift from the compartmentalised and slower pace of traditional print journalism, has brought the relevance of the latter into question.

    To consider the decreasing value and relevance of print journalism in the fast-paced world of the internet that has given the rise to the vast force of new media, the question itself requires a bit of reframing. Therefore, an interesting way to frame the question would be to examine, in slightly nuanced terms, what print journalism lacks in comparison to new media and whether it still manages to offer something that New Media cannot offer by its very design (Forbes, 2011).

    From the outset, a substantial share of the opinion among professionals and industry experts is rapidly moving in favour of New Media with a complimentary attitude towards the obsolescence of traditional print journalism. To the practical and target-minded individuals of the business, it is almost essential to trim down and rule out older methods in favour of newer methods, but that in itself ...

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    A discussion on the benefits new media brings to the table and how that impacts the market appeal and relevance of print journalism.