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    History of online journalism

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    Online Journalism:
    1- history

    2- definition (what is online journalism)
    on line news
    real time
    shifted timer
    multimedia rise of internet and online journalism
    controversy/online journalism
    less quality
    websites related to online journalism

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    Online Journalism:
    1- history - Scott, B. A Contemporary History of Digital Journalism. Television New Media. February 2005 vol. 6 no. 1 89-12
    With the first online browser launch in 1993 (Mosiac), online was born and people slowly hopped on board. In October, 1993, the University of Florida launches what is believed to be, the first online journalism site, by it journalism department. By 1996, most news agencies had a web presence, though not all were fully developed and certainly not interactive. The news was grouped together, topically, using "headlines with links to the rest of the story." Viewers could also link to follow up information or more in depth background. This link system created, in turn, a massive database of information that could be accessed from search engines across the internet. This led to more changes in news reporting, first the twenty-four hour news and then breaking news. People could customize sites to appeal to ther interests too.
    News agencies, newspapers, and other news dispensing groups suddenly faced competition from sites like Yahoo and AOL, among others. The Associated Press and Reuters were now major players because people could access information directly from them and did not have to wait on ...

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    The history of online journalism is examined.