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History of the printed newspaper

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Trace the history of the printed newspaper and various types of eras in reporting the news. Start with the colonial period of print up to and including how printed news is delivered today with national papers like USA Today. Include and describe what the significance of the era of the 'penny press', 'jazz journalism', 'yellow journalism', and 'muckraking' was.

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The History of the Newspaper

The newspaper is still in existence today and for one reason: it's still interesting and engaging to read and even today, not everyone has or can afford high-speed internet. Plus, the newspaper still adds the proximity and local aspects to a community.

In the colonial period of print journalism, compared to today, there were many different elements and perspectives about society that are definitely different than today. First, and most importantly, they reported the news daily once. What's the significance here? Well, just think about today's journalism and something we call social media. Even though a paper is still printed once daily here, we, as readers, have social media and other media outlets to gather insight for our entertainment pleasures.

Also during this time, journalists didn't have the television, or the internet to get their news and updates on certain news life stories. Stories ...

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