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    Phase 3 - Managing the Springville Herald

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    A print production team is charged with improving the quality of the Herald. The team has chosen the blackness of the print of the newspaper as its first project. Blackness is measured on a device that records the results on a standard scale, where the blacker the spot, the higher the blackness measure. The blackness of the print should be approximately 1.0. The lower and upper specifications for blackness are 0.8 and 1.2, respectively. Five spots on the first newspaper printed each day are randomly selected, and the blackness of each spot is measured. Please see the attached excel file SH14-2 for the 25 day results.

    A. Construct the appropriate control charts for these data.
    B. Is the process in a state of statistical control? Explain.
    C. What should the team recommend as the next step to improve the process?

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    A) Please see the attachment for the control charts.

    B) The process is in a state of statistical control since every value ...

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