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Statistical Analysis

Advertising fees are an important source of revenue for any newspaper. In an attempt to boost these revenues and to minimize costly errors, the management of the Herald has established a task force charged with the business objective of improving customer service in the advertising department. Using a web browser, visit this books companion web site and open the web page for the Chapter 2 Herald Case or open Ad_Errors.htm, if you have downloaded the Herald Case files.

Review the task force's data collection. Identify the variables that are important in describing the customer service problems. For each variable you identify, construct the graphical representation you think is most appropriate and explain your choice. Also, suggest what other information concerning the different types of errors would be useful to examine. Offer possible courses of action for either the task force or management to take that would support the goal of improving customer service.

1. For the variable you identify, compute the appropriate numerical descriptive measures and construct in a boxplot.
2. For the variable you identify, identify another graphical display that might be useful and construct it. What conclusions can you reach from this other plot that cannot be made from the boxplot?

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