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    Change Management Software

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    Use the Internet to identify at least two software change management products. Contrast their features and costs.

    Please include references. Thank you for the help!!

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    I suggest that you contrast Intasoft AllChange & McCabe TRUEchange.

    To adequately evaluate these two products, it is first helpful to understand why change management tools are needed in the first place. Understanding the purpose of the tools will help evaluate which tool is better in terms of features and price point.
    Basically, the change management process refers to the steps that a change management team and/or project leader takes to apply change management to a project or product. There are three phases of change management based on Prosci's research:

    Phase 1: Preparation - identifying what needs to be changed, assessing the situation, and developing a strategy.
    Phase 2: Management - managing the change, planning the system, implementing the change management product.
    Phase 3: Reinforcement - evaluating the change mechanisms, gathering data, correcting the situation, and recognizing what did and did not work.

    Source: http://www.change-management.com/tutorial-change-process-detailed.htm

    For our purposes, we are interested in all three phases. Phase 1 is important because it helps us to identify which platform will ultimately be best at leading us to the actual management of the change. Phase 2 is of utmost importance because this is where the ...

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    Contrasts the features and costs of popular change management platforms. Includes citations.