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Software system that has gone through change

Select a software system in your organisation that has gone through change. What, if any, management controls were in place to regulate changes, record versions of components and record which collections of these versions belong together? Were these controls adequate? Why or why not?

Please include references.

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ERP Change

Oracle is a well known ERP software package which is implemented to automate an organization's different functions. In my organization Oracle E-Business suite was implemented with financials, human resource management, supply chain, and customer relationship management applications. However when the software package was implemented the company was considered as a single entity with internal business units. Each business unit had its own set of entries and place in the database, all of which collided into a single database which was managed at the company level. Recently the company took over another company which required changes in the existing software. The change was necessary to integrate the acquired company into the existing software and reporting ...

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A software system that has gone through change is examined. The expert looks at management controls.