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    Factors Affecting Change in IT Management

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    "Describe the external factors and internal factors affecting change in IT management at Hydro-Quebec.
    What changes would you suggest for Hydro-Quebec and why?"

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    Hydro Quebec has apparently gone through many phases with relation to their IT structure, implementation, and strategy. Copious factors, both external and internal, are responsible for the changes at various levels of the organization.
    Internal Factors:
    The company went through reorganization with the advent of the Shared Services Center and further dividing it among four units that handled respective facets of IT namely the IT Solutions, IT Operations, Telecommunications and Service Networks, and the Office Automation Systems unit. In the upcoming years following this reorganization transitional changes impacted business partnerships with the divisions. As a result the IT divisions were feeling the pressure to deliver high quality service in a timely fashion and reasonable budget. In order to provide quality service, the divisions took full control and decision-making powers to make sure the business requirements were met by the Shared Service Center. With the growing demands of the business divisions, the IT management units had many significant responsibilities to address. The responsibilities were to be accounted for under the realm of existing software and available technology within a strict budget where each and every task had to be reasoned out with its associated dollar value.
    The above hardships of working with strict budgets and merely meeting business requirements impacted customer service. Therefore, under new leadership the HQD IT management had to be re-strategized. This lead the organization to look outside, move with the current times and experiment with ...

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    Hydro Quebec underwent major changes in their IT management structure and much of it was to do with both internal and external factors. IT structure, implementation strategy, maintenance contracting, and the like were some factors.