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Five theories or models of change

What are five different models or theories of change? Discuss the validity and utility of these models.

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Theory of reasoned action

This is a theory that bases itself with other theories of reason. The theory is more individual and provides the individual must want the change to occur for positive reasons. Theories of reason all point to individuals changing to gain something. When organizations change, people must see it as a positive for the change to gain acceptance. The leaders must provide the vision for the change to be positive for all concerned. It should provide the ability for the people to see the change as a way they can provide some control and participation and gain opportunities.

Social cognitive

This theory is based on cognitive theory and holds that people are affected by experiences, communication with others, and observing their surroundings. This allows for the internal factors and the external factors to affect the behavior during change. If the external factors such as management communicating the changes and the experiences of the person being acceptable during previous changes, people will feel ...

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A discussion on five of the models or theories of change and how valid they are for use by business.