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    Reorganization and accompanying change

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    Now that you have given your team and management an overview of the reorganization and accompanying change impacts, you need to prepare your team to help manage the change. Using the Library, other materials, and credible Internet sources, find three models of change and discuss their advantages and disadvantages in relation to the situation and culture at Pegasus. Cite your sources using APA guidelines.

    1. Use of real-experiences or current events are a plus.
    2. Find three models of change and explain each in detail.
    3. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each model in relation to the situation and culture at Pegasus.

    Apply principles and major theories (such as systems theory, theories of change, applied behavioral science, social psychology, group dynamics) for leading and managing change to case studies.
    Explore cutting edge strategies for implementing individual, interpersonal, group, inter-group, and large systems change.

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    The first model selected for this assignment is Prosci's ADKAR model, which is based on the premises that in order to introduce the change at the organizational level, we need to understand the process of managing change at the individual level. ADKAR stands for: Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement.

    In order to successfully manage individual change, an individual needs to focus on these five major elements:

    The individual needs to develop strong awareness about the need to change.
    The individual needs to develop strong inner Desire to extend his support and participate in the change management process.
    He needs to gain knowledge on the process of changing or how to change via effective coaching.
    He should develop the ability to implement the requisite behaviors and skills for the change. The change management team needs to possess resistance management skills to develop such abilities.
    Reinforcement via recognition, rewards, etc. is required to sustain the change.

    ADKAR model will be beneficial for Pegasus because it will help in preparing the ...

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    Discusses three different models of change and provides their advantages and disadvantages in relation to the situation and culture at Pegasus.