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    Organizational Change

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    1 In a narrative format, discuss the key facts and critical issues presented in the case.
    2 Considering the results of Christine's survey of her managers regarding the reorganization, should she proceed with moving all three offices at once or should she relocate the offices in a piecemeal fashion? Why or why not?
    3 How do different organizational cultures develop in the four claims' offices of the same insurance company, all located in one geographic region of the United States?
    4 What could Christine, as the overall supervisor of all four claim's offices, have done to promote cultural harmony among and between the offices?

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    In a narrative format, discuss the key facts and critical issues presented in the case.

    This case study involved organizational change that was predicated upon the necessity for a large insurance company to consolidate their regional claims offices into one location following the economic downturns that occurred in the economy. As a result of this, the prestigious insurance company has mandated that Christine Brooks, the regional claims manager create a zone reorganization plan that can ensure cohesiveness among the four different claims offices that must be consolidated into one claims office. This Westchester Zone Reorganization has been necessitated as a result of industry deregulations and other changes in the industry, in an attempt to establish diverse cost cutting measures.

    The problem that the organization and Christine faces is that organizational change is typically difficult and resistance from even a vocal minority can greatly complicate the change process. This is the problem faced by Christine as the four different claims' offices' have different identities with divergent opinions regarding the change that they all must endure. To mitigate the resistance that a vocal minority has toward the change process and ease the transition, Christine must develop an effective change strategy, and she has decided to bring all the managers together from the four different claims offices'.

    Her responsibility is to determine the most effective change plan that will reduce resistance and elicit support from the various departments. It is imperative that Christine work together with all stakeholders to ...

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