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    Organizational Change and the Impact of Technology

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    Just like many other areas of business, organizational change has been impacted by technology. Discuss:

    - How has the need for organizational change consulting been impacted by technology?
    - How has the process of organizational change been impacted by technology?
    - Do you see these changes as positive or negative? Explain.
    - What specific types of software are used during the organizational-change process?
    - Predict how technology will continue to shape the area of organizational change management.

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    Organizational change has been impacted by technology and that in turn has impacted consulting for organizational change. With technology, organizations now have more information at their fingertips and can access many of the same methods and strategies used by organizational consultants. The impact then moves to the consultant making more use of technology and creating differentiation through technology. The organizational change is impacted through the access they and the customer have to technology and information. ...

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