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    Design Quality

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    Design quality is an elusive concept. Quality depends on specific organizational priorities: a 'good' design may be the most efficient, the cheapest, the most maintainable, the most reliable, etc. Describe the design attributes that are concerned with the maintainability of the design: cohesion, coupling, understandability, adaptability, and traceability. Which would you consider most important in a software system?

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    There are different design attributes that are concerned with the maintainability of the design. These attributes are as follows:

    Cohesion is an important design attribute that is the measurement to describe the unity among different components in a design system. It indicates that how effective an element adjusts with other elements collectively. In design, it is necessary that any change can be implemented with ease in a single cohesive element. It shows uniqueness of an element in terms of a particular function or entity. Different components can be grouped on the basis of similarity in their functions, procedure, controlling sequence, activation time, input and output. It is not well defined that creates problems in classifying cohesion (Zhu, 2005).

    Coupling is another attribute of design quality that shows the effectiveness of interrelation between different components of a system. It states that how much the system components are interconnected to each other. Generally, it is necessary for the design system to be loose coupling that means components should be loosely coupled with other components and external environment. Tight coupling prevents information exchange in a system. In loose coupling, if there is any change in a component, it does not affect other components. This state can be obtained through decentralization process and effective ...

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