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Two control processes examples for IT project

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In an Information Technology project, there are many quality control processes that can be utilized. One of these processes could include a review of the requirements after the list is completed. This will help ensure the list is complete and that everyone understands the requirements. Another quality control process could be a review of the design. This could be in 2 parts. The first part could be a review of the functional design with the business unit, where screen design, report design, navigation, and business rules could be reviewed. The second part could be a technical design review, where the technical architecture including hardware, program design, and database design is reviewed by the technical team. These review processes can help ensure a higher quality product.

What other quality control processes can you think of that could be part of an I.T. project?

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Keeping and updating a list of resources needed. A review of that same project when compared to the list can remind workers of the details and ...

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