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Influence of Design and Design-Principled Problem Solving

How does design and design-principled problem solving influence quality?

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Companies who truly value good design and use design-principled problem solving tend to influence quality in their brands, services, and throughout their company. Good design translates into better-conceived engineering, products and services. Good design enables innovation and rewards those who create effectively designed products, services, and brands. Design influences quality in the development of brands and corporate strategy. Design is also a way to manage quality in some business. According to European research, design can be used as a styling device, as a process device or as part of innovation. 45 percent of companies used design as a process into the development of products and services. In this manner, design can be used to make products more intuitive, easier to use, and more appealing to customers, which ...

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This solution evaluates how design and design-principled problem solving influence quality. It includes links.