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Principled Negotiation (PN)

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After carefully reading through this article, please answer, the following questions:

1. What were the major points that made Principled Negotiation (PN) the EFFECTIVE method of choice (relative to other options) for the Irish case study?
2. Can this approach be emulated in and to other environments? Present an example.

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1. What were the major points that made PN the EFFECTIVE method of choice (relative to other options) for the Irish case study?

Bustard explained the main concepts of Principled Negotiation (Fisher & Ury, 1981, as cited in Bustard, 2002 ) in the article titled "An experience of Principled Negotiation in requirements engineering."

In this article, the PN was effectively applied to the Irish case study which was a highly effective experience. This approach was the best choice as it effectively helped the Environmental Health Departments in Northern Ireland introduce IT systems and provided an effective framework for the negotiation process. This was clearly evident in the positive outcome reported in aspects of the software development and deliver experience over several years in helping Environmental Health Departments in Northern Ireland.

For example, regarding the software development, Principled Negotiation played a role in the client-supplier relationship because of the tension created by the many soft factors that make it difficult to deliver software successfully (Standish Group, 2002; Reel, 1999, as cited in Bustard, 2002). Indeed, the most ideal and effective outcome is when the client and supplier are both use Principled Negotiation. However, the Irish case also shows that the Principled Negotiation process can also bring mutual benefit even if followed by only one side.

In comparison to the traditional "hard' approach to negotiation, PN was the most effective model of use, as the Principled Negotiation principles can used through a facilitator who is ...

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Based on the article, this solution discusses the major points that made Principled Negotiation (PN) the most effective method of choice (relative to other options) for the Irish case study, including an example.

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