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    Collaborative or Principled Negotiation for conflict resolution in the workplace

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    Expectations and Introduction:

    The intent of this project is to apply the theoretical and general aspects, to real-life and practical cases.

    Conflict is an integral part of our lives, and we encounter it in every aspect of our personal and professional activities.
    Surely, you have observed (or even participated in) some form of conflict at your workplace, be it a simple but heated interpersonal matter, or a full-scale organizational dispute.

    The project will always have three short parts you will need to address in EACH module, as described below:

    Focus should be put on sections II + III.

    You can choose on describing and analyzing a conflict widening your scope and describing different incidents.

    Part I - Background and Settings:

    The Organization - Without revealing proprietary information, describe the organization of your choice (It should be one that you are familiar with, so preferably it would be easier, if it would be your own).

    The Conflict - Describe the workplace conflict issue you have chosen to write about.

    o What is the underlying problem or difference?

    o Who are the parties or sides in this conflict?

    Choose a Side - Choose one of the parties or sides in the conflict and let me know of your choice.

    Part II - How was it Negotiated?

    Describe "your chosen" side's decisions and/or behaviors and/or actions to the following:

    o PN - Was the Principled Negotiation (PN) method, used in your case? If so, how? If not, could it have been implemented? how would it have benefited the two sides?
    o Principles - How were the four principles of PN, carried out? If PN was not used, could it have been beneficial?
    o BATNA - What was your side's BATNA? Was there a case where it was "activated"? If No BATNA was prepared, discuss this in Part III.

    Part III - What Would You Have Done?:

    Assuming you are the principal representative for your "chosen side":

    o What would YOU have done in this case to solve the issue?
    o What decisions would YOU have taken?

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    I can outline a negotiation from a former workplace for you.

    The conflict was over the amount of time and work expected and how the jobs were supposed to be completed. The company was a drafting firm with an owner, who also did some of the drafting work, the draftsman, the artist, and the office help. The jobs were supposed to follow specific pattern set up with customer input, drafting, plans, customer input, drafting changes, engineering, drafting changes, customer final approval, final draft, submission. However, more often than not, the draftsman would find himself in the middle of working on one set of plans only to have another added and expected to be done without consideration of the one currently in progress. The draftsman finally got fed up with the entire owner-too-busy-to-do-his-part scenario ...

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