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    Conflict resolution methods

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    After carefully reading through the articles, to be accessed via ProQuest, please answer (in about three pages), the following question:

    What are the aggregate major points (as presented by the authors) that have made negotiation, the preferred method of choice, for conflict resolution? Note 1 - The key question word is 'preferred'. Please explain this relative to or in the context of:

    Unilateral / Third party methods.

    Positional / Collaborative approaches

    The inter-dependency factor

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    I cannot write a full paper for you, but I can give you the major points that are needed to answer this question.

    Two of the main points that the authors present for negotiation being preferred is the basis for all types of conflict resolution can be found in negotiation and the issue of control. All types of conflict resolution (CR) include certain key elements. Those include, competing disputants, a problem or issue, presentation of sides, and communication to reach a solution. While negotiation is the basis of all forms of CR there are differences. It is in those differences where negotiation has the advantage and therefore is preferred by many.

    CR methods usually start with the disputing parties. These parties have both interests and positions that make up their needs. To solve the problem, the outcome or solution must meet as many of these needs as possible. Negotiation allows for each side of the dispute to maintain control until resolution is reached. While the methods may be different in different negotiations, the process is very much the same. There is the planning stage, fact finding and deciding on alternatives to the best outcome are ...

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    A discussion of different methods of conflict resolution used in business.