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A brief overview of conflict resolution and initiatives

Please provide a brief overview of these topics:
1. Teaching conflict resolution skills in a workshop
2. Mediation revisited
3. Conflict in organizations
4. The research on conflict resolution initiatives
5. The study of conflict resolution

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Conflict Resolution
Teaching Conflict Resolution Skills in a Workshop
In order to teach conflict resolution, you must have the knowledge, experience, and skills needed to perceive and understand each side of the conflict.
NOTES: Check out the following website where you will find four cases that are discussed:
These four cases give a great insight with some questions and answers of what could have happened. This will give you a better insight as to how to understand a situation.
In a workshop, it is best to demonstrate different situations involving conflict and then also show the resolution of the conflict. Anger management classes teach in this manner which is very helpful for those involved to have examples of how a situation could have been handled and is a good reference for any future encounters those attendees may have.
The workshop should include training topics such as:
1) Identifying the conflict and the methods how to do this.
2) Detailed models that explain how to handle certain situations of conflict.
3) How to develop listening skills.
4) Discuss cultural differences and influences.
5) What mediation is and how to use it.
6) Using mediation instead of legal action.
7) What is ethical, reasonable, and what actually works.

Mediation Revisited
Mediation can come in many forms. At the following website:, it reviews a ...

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A brief overview of conflict resolution and initiatives are examined.