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Team building exercise

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Write a three-four paged paper describing a Team-Building exercise for Conflict Resolution that you would present in an organizational atmosphere, and how it would be conducted

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Team Building:

The organizational setting has teams that are designed to undertake certain tasks in the organization to ensure that the operations of the company rum smoothly. Conflict is bond to occur through the constant interactions of the people in the organizational setting. This based on the fact that the team members comes into the team with their own visions, values and goals. Conflict resolution is the technique that is adopted by the organization to ensure that the teams remain intact. Committed group members hold the capacity to resolve the conflict in the organization. There is a wide range of methods and procedures that are utilized by the organization to ensure that the conflict situations in the group setting are resolved. The end result of all the team building exercises is focused at building high performance teams that will deliver the needs of the organization (Phillips, 2011).

Team Building Exercise for Conflict Resolution:

There are diverse means of resolving conflict if the organization through the use of team building exercises. The proper handling of the team building exercise will move the group to creative solutions that will yield greater outcome. The exercise will hence build trust, rapport and respect. This brings out the aspect of relying on one another since the tasks will enable the people to relate more openly in the team building exercise. To attain profound results in the team, the team building exercise needs to have a purpose that will address the needs of the team. One ...

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Team building exercises are examined. The organizational atmospheres are determined.

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