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Group Dynamics Team Building Exercise

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Select an icebreaker activity for an opening session in a meeting.
The ice breaker game that I am proposing is called "Survival - A Simulation Game".

Type: Group Dynamics Team Building Exercise

Description: The group is told that they have survived a small plane crash where the pilot and co-pilot did not survive. It is currently mid-January in Northern Canada, which means the temperature is 25 degrees below zero during the day and 40 degrees below at night. There is snow on the ground and the nearest town is located 20 miles away. The group is clothed in business clothes and the following items were salvaged by the group:

- A ball of steel wool
- A small ax
- A loaded .45-caliber pistol
- Can of Crisco shortening
- Newspapers (one per person)
- Cigarette lighter (without fluid)
- Extra shirt and pants for each survivor
- 20 x 20 ft. piece of heavy-duty canvas
- A sectional air map made of plastic
- One quart of 100-proof whiskey
- A compass
- Family-size chocolate bars (one per person)

Group Task: The group is tasked with listing the above 12 items by order of importance for your survival without using tactics such as voting, trading in or averaging. The group must also state the uses for each item, and finally the group MUST agree or come to a consensus on the order.

In the survival game exercise, please define the specific learning point (or points) you would make to set the stage for a productive meeting.
Briefly explain how this icebreaker ties in to the goal of increasing company-wide communication and community building.
Please help me write a consensus about the icebreaker activity and learning goal.

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The optimal order would be:

Canvas -- to keep out snow
Ax -- to find any wood that can be cut
Lighter -- to start fire
Wool -- to spark fire from lighter
Newspapers -- to burn in fire, to keep fire going
Clothes -- to keep warm. Anyone already dressed warmly can throw their clothes in the fire or give to another person thinly dressed
Crisco -- it will spark additional fire.
Gun -- as a signaling device
Food -- to stave off hunger
Whiskey -- can ignite fire and keep blood warm, if drank
Compass -- in case they decide to walk to town
Map -- to use in finding the town


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In this solution, I help define learning points and the objectives in an ice breaker game called "Survival - A Simulation Game." All areas are thoroughly discussed.

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