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    Analyze the Supervisor’s Role in Conflict Resolution

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    Think about the role of conflict in organizations. There are opinions on both sides of the issue that conflict can be beneficial as well as harmful to organizations. It is critical that supervisors are prepared to handle conflict situations.

    For this task, assist with writing a paper in which we analyze conflict in a workplace. The workplace used is the Veterans Administration. Address the following in the paper:
    • What role does the supervisor play in conflict resolution?
    • Do you agree that conflict can be positive or negative? Provide examples to support your position.
    • As a supervisor, how would you handle conflict resolution in the workplace?
    • What approach would you take to help motivate your employees to successfully work through changes?

    References: At least five (5) resources. In addition to these specified resources.

    Length: 5-7 pages

    Use current APA standards.

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    The Veterans Administration provides support to veterans in their time after service by providing benefits and support. There are several ways in which support is given. For example, support is given through health administration. Also, the department strives to prevent and end veteran's homelessness. The role played by the supervisor in conflict resolution is both important and challenging. The supervisor must deal with employees who are veterans and he must resolve conflicts in the workplace to maintain productivity, and keep the employees motivated.

    Role of the supervisor:
    During conflicts, the role of the supervisor is to listen and then trouble shoot. In Veterans Administration, the role of the supervisor is to gather all involved parties to discuss the issue. He must hear all sides and develop full understanding of the conflict. His role is to use the group meeting for resolution of conflict. Further, he must be impartial (1). His role is to be fair and equitable. He must not favor any side. The role of the supervisor in Veterans Administration is to resolve conflicts immediately. He must promote teamwork and motivate veterans. He must model teamwork and cooperation required in an organization. The role of the supervisor is to resolve conflicts that lead to employees quitting from the Veterans Administration. If the conflicts increase the turnover, the supervisor must resolve the conflict. Also, if the conflicts become personal, the supervisor has the responsibility of stepping in and restoring respect between employees. In addition, if conflicts affect the self-esteem of employees and adversely affect organizational success, the supervisor must step in (2). The role of the supervisor is to alert the veterans of their responsibilities and required results and that they are responsible for developing the solution. In case of Veterans Administration the supervisor has special challenges. He cannot hire and fire employees without adequate reason. His say in recruitment is restricted. He must select veterans. In case of Veterans Administration, the supervisor faces glaring skills mismatch. Military training provides individuals with excellent skills to make them good leaders. The supervisors cannot get things done with leadership skills alone. The supervisors require particular skills or experience needed for the job. In fact leadership skills lead to conflicts with other employees. Further, the Veterans Administration employees have skills that the supervisor is looking for but he may not be able to project them correctly. The ...

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