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    Effect of Conflict Resolution Training

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    Using "Bloom's Taxonomy and Critical Thinking," analyze the effect of conflict resolution training by a human resources department in a healthcare organization. Please use an APA style of writing. In addition, provide a minimum of 5-7 peer-reviewed materials and scholarly journals.

    Please see "Blooms Taxonomy and Critical Thinking," attached.

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    Conflict resolution training by human resources departments in healthcare organizations has the effect of imparting to the individuals that receive this training a great deal of knowledge and skill in relation to conflict resolution. This form of training provides individuals with situational awareness, so that these individuals can gain an understanding of the detrimental elements that are present in order for there to be the potentiality for conflict to arise, as well as methodologies by which to proactively stop conflicts before they actually arise. In addition, this training provides individuals with the knowledge of proven methodologies by which to get conflicts from growing out of control, and to reduce the intensity of conflicts at the onset. Conflict resolution training provide staff members within healthcare organizations with keen insight into the pertinence of seeking to understand the viewpoints of each of the individuals involved in a conflict, which is instrumental in helping these individuals to arrive at an agreeable solution to the given conflict as well.

    The conflict resolution training conducted by human resources departments in healthcare organizations affects the ability of staff members within an organization to effectively comprehend pertinent information regarding conflict resolution, in order to resolve conflicts themselves. This training has the effect of preparing staff members within healthcare organizations to be able to effectively compare the different levels of conflicts, so that these individuals can address these conflicts in the appropriate manner. In addition, this training helps staff members to be able ...