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    Project Evaluation, Reporting, and Termination

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    Project Evaluation, Reporting, and Termination
    Part 4 of the Project Management Plan measures project performance against cost and schedule criteria for each WBS element. This defines how earned value will be taken during the evaluation stage, and how the results of the evaluation will be reported, using cost/schedule control systems. Variance analysis and control methodologies must also be defined. Finally, upon meeting the project objectives, the method of project termination is discussed. Please explain the following components: Use bullet points.

    a. Performance measurement

    Define variables that will be measured, explain how they will be measured, and explain when they will be measured to determine if the project is meeting its stated performance objectives. Identify the measurable objectives as "milestones" on the Gantt chart developed in Part 2.

    b. Project evaluation

    Compare and contrast various performance measurement systems and apply to the WBS. Create a monitor and control system to achieve project goals. Describe how the cost and schedule control system is used to evaluate the results of the preceding monthly performance measurement audit. Report the percentage completed for each WBS task, which would then be converted to the budgeted cost-to-work performed. Compare actual cost-to-work performed to determine cost variance.

    d. Conflict-resolution methodologies

    Compare and contrast various conflict resolution techniques. Apply these techniques to solve problems related to your project. Identify potential conflict areas and develop conflict-resolution methodologies to deal with these conflicts.
    Please use bullet points. Max total 500 words.

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    STEP 1
    The identification of the WBS elements: Hardware, Software, Systems Engineering and Training.

    Performance measurement

    In the hardware:
    · The product design will be evaluated and progress measured. The measurement will be in terms of the percentage of product design completed.
    · The raw material procurement: This will be measured through the parameter of the value of the raw materials for the hardware purchased.
    · The environment safeguards up held: There will be four environmentally friendly safeguards that have been specified and measurements will be made to the extent these have been controlled. For example, the extent to which the levels of lead have been reduced in the hardware produced.
    · The energy efficiency of the hardware will be tested and endeavors will be made to reduce its consumption.

    In the software:
    · The percentage of programming that has been completed. This is the main measure for evaluating the scheduling and cost.
    · The percentage of completed programs tested and debugged.
    · The availability of the programs for installation in the systems.

    Systems Engineering:
    · The percentage of SE Technical process completed
    · The percentage of SE Management process and Support process completed.
    · The percentage of SE Modeling completed.
    · The percentage of specialty engineering finished.
    · The percentage of the users trained.
    · The percentage of the training completed.
    · The percentage of cost incurred in training.
    STEP 2

    Project evaluation

    1. There is a performance ...

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