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Post-Project Evaluations

Why do you think organizations tend to ignore post-project evaluations? How could the concept of making such evaluations mandatory be implemented? How does an understanding of how people learn affect project evaluations?

Using measurement strategies can help determine whether or not there is a need for a quality-improvement plan. How would you measure the success of project component if you are unable to find the means to measure and code the data? Do you feel that it is possible to determine the success of a project without quantifying data collected? Why or why not?

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Organizations tend to ignore post project evaluations because they do not find it important enough to discuss the pros and cons of the project, especially when the project is successfully completed. Post project evaluations appears as an additional, unnecessary task to them. Such organizations do not find it necessary or important that lessons learned from the project evaluation can be very useful for projects of similar nature in the future and thus, it is very important to document the lessons learned from the project.

The concept of making such ...

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Discusses post project evaluations and measuring the success of project component.