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Analysis of Variance Post Hoc Analysis

A seminar is given to three levels of managers (highlevel, midlevel, lowlevel).The facilitators believe the evaluations may vary with the audience. The ratings are on a scale from 1-10 with 10 being the highest. Use a one-way ANOVA to determine whether there is a significant difference in evaluations according to manager level assuming significance level = .05.

High level ratings are: 7,7,8,7,9
Mid level ratings are: 8,9,8,10,9,10,8
Low level ratings are: 5,6,5,7,4,8

If you obtain a significant F statistic for the above problem, run a Post-Hoc Comparison's test on the 3 means or individual t-tests on all pairs of means can be used also. Answer the following questions:

A. Which Post-Hoc Comparison procedure is used?
B. Which pairs of means are significantly different, if any?
C. What is the conclusion specific to this problem based on the answer to "Which
pairs of means are significantly different, if any?"?

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Comparison of three different ratings as well as pair wise comparison is explained in this problem.