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Performance evaluation for project assignments

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Performance evaluation of employees is an important aspect of human resource management. The usual practice is annual evaluation. However, in the case of project management, annual evaluation may not be possible because the project itself may last less than a year. How often, do you think, should project team members be evaluated for their performance? Explain the logic behind your opinion.

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Most employees receive annual performance evaluations. When assigned to a specific project, that may not have a duration of a year, annual evaluation is not feasible. Different time-frames are needed based on the duration of a project. This solution discuss the topic of variable time-frames for performance evaluation in more detail.

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The duration and milestones within the project timeline would prompt when performance evaluations should be completed. For example, if the project involved redesign of a company's website, one of the first "milestones" to achieve would be content mapping. If defining content and webpages was assigned to a particular sub-group of employees working on the ...

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