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    Plagiarizing and Online Education

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    Define and explain the dual problems of grade inflation and academic integrity in online education; prepare in-text and reference methods for at least three sources. Consider how you would respond if one of your teammates on a group project submitted an assignment that was blatantly plagiarized. Do you believe your teammate's actions harm the value of your degree program? Explain how you could coax the student into reexamining their work.

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    Online education is different because there is very little interaction with the professor and the student and the tools used to evaluate performance are different as well. There aren't any class participation grades so grades are only based upon objective tests such as multiple choice tests and not very often subjective papers or brief answer assignments since professors have a great number of students and not as much time to spend grading the paper. Even after a paper is graded, there isn't any conference available to let the student know ways for improvement other than a written evaluation that the student may not spend time reading. Therefore, grade ...