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    Chi Square test for goodness of fit: Plagiarism

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    2. A recent research report shows that the percentage of college students who have been reported for plagiarizing has reached 30% each in the colleges of Education, Arts and Sciences, and Business, but only 10% in the School of Law. The XYZ University does a random sample of 2000 pieces of student work submitted over the last three years, all of which had been identified as plagiarized. There were 660 papers from the College of Education, 560 papers from the College of Arts and Sciences, 500 papers from the College of Business, and the remainder from the School of Law. At the 0.05 significance level, can we assume the data in the research report is representative of XYZ University?

    a. What is the hypothesis?

    b. What is the null hypothesis?

    c. What is the decision rule?

    d. What do you conclude (Accept or reject the null)?

    e. What is the 'plain English' answer?

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