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Ideas for early years multi-stage project

Please provide some ideas/suggestions for a ECE final project.
In this project I must come up with a project that illustrates a specifice instructional problem that needs to be remedied and is related to early childhood education. In this project I am to describbe the physical learning setting, resource availability and the profile of learners or tranees within the setting. this problem will serve as the instructional problem for the entire class and will require several steps towards its completion.

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One instructional problem that I have noticed with early years students is physical aggression. Addressing this problem would require a behavior-modification program, a lesson or lessons on physical aggression, handling anger and alternative strategies, a discipline program for those who consistently choose to misbehave, a reward program for those who improve, and a tracking strategy to determine levels of improvement. This could get as complex as you would like, and could make an impressive final project. Plus, there is a lot of theory and research that you could access and cite.

Another final project idea that could be done over time (a school year, ideally) is a program to address and ...

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Suggestions and ideas for an end-of-year project in early years education. multi-stage project needed.