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    Human Resource Issues in Healthcare

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    Hi, I need assistance in selecting a topic on a healthcare human resource issue (thus there must be some sort of controversy). Researching a general HR issue is not acceptable. The issue must be an HR issue in healthcare. I need to research the literature, analyze the alternatives, and present a conclusion (take a stand).
    Potential topics may include:
    - issues related to diversity
    - issues relate to globalization
    - change management
    - conflict resolution
    - competencies
    - engagement
    - learning organizations
    - managing contract workers
    - mediation
    - and others

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    Conflict resolution is a very important topic within healthcare, largely due to the fact that it is very important for human resource staff within healthcare organizations and other healthcare professionals to work cohesively together in order to ensure that the patients receive the adequate level of care that they need and deserve. Due to the fact that conflict resolution is so important to the healthcare paradigm, human resource personnel and nurses as well as healthcare administrators, are starting to attend seminars and educational classes that will provide them with increased skills in conflict resolution within the workplace.

    Due to the fact that there seems to be an increasing ...

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    The expert examines human resource issues in healthcare. The alternatives and present conclusions are analyzed.