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    Significance of Human Resource Management

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    Explain the significance of human resource management and then identify and discuss the following:

    Factors that affect recruitment of "in demand" employees.
    How organizational restructuring has impacted staffing in healthcare organizations.
    Does decreasing the number of employees always save an organization/company money? Why or why not.
    Discuss some of the specific issues that we find in healthcare.

    Please cite references if used.

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    Human resource management is very significant in any organization, due to the fact that human resources are essential for the effective functioning of any organization. Human resource management is responsible for provided the means by which to attract the highest quality applicants for employment with an organization, effectively deciding which of these applicants are the best qualified for the jobs within an organization, ensuring that employees receive the level of training that is commensurate with their responsibilities within organization, and ensuring that those individuals that perform at the highest levels are provided with advancement opportunities. In essence, without effective human resource management an organization would not be able to survive within its industry.

    The factors that ...