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    Diversity and Value to Global Organizations

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    Hello I need help developing a 5 to 10 peer-reviewed recent references that document the existence of the problem.

    Diversity and its value to global organizations?

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    Diversity and its value to global organizations?

    Bristol, T.L., Tisdell, E.J. (2008). The Career Development of African American Managers: Exploring the Significance of Social and Cultural Capital on Leveraging Diversity. Retrieved from http://www.adulterc.org/Proceedings/2008/Proceedings/Bristol_Tisdell.pdf

    Byrd, M. (2007). Educating and Developing Leaders of Racially Diverse Organizations. Human Resource Development Quarterly, Vol. 18(2), 275-279. Retrieved from ...

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    This solution provides 5-10 peer reviewed, recent, references that document the diversity and its' value to global organizations. APA formatted.