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    An article about worldwide conflict resolution

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    Locate a scholarly article concerning conflict resolution and peacemaking. Describe the elements of conflict resolution and peacemaking.
    Analyze the article. An analysis may include whether or not the methods used in the article should be effective, where they may need further modification, how well you believe the article will apply in real world situations, and whether or not the article effectively captured the essence of the conflict, to name some areas to consider.

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    * This article delves into a worldwide conflict resolution with a focus on the regions of Eastern Europe and the Middle East. However, the information contained in this article is usable fully to all areas of conflict
    * This article discusses the means in which peacemaking and conflict resolution applying the ideology of restorative justice and criminology can be explored
    * The author of this article, Robert Hanser, ...

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    An article about worldwide conflict resolution is presented; help is further given to explicate the article.