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    Conflicts, project manager role in conflict resolution

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    Outline should be properly formatted. I am looking to kick start the paper not having someone write it for me. I am looking for the paper to follow the outline I have below. Where I have written 2-3 references means I want you to provide me with 2-3 good well written / easily understood references. I have poorly managed my time and can use as much help as possible.

    ?Table of Contents
    1. What is Conflict (2-3 references)
    2. Types of Conflict (2-3 references)
    3. Project Manager's Role in Conflict Resolution (2-3 references)

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    What is conflict?

    We live in a diverse society, with people belonging different backgrounds, perspectives and approaches to life. We should not be surprised when conflicts arise and tensions exist between individuals or groups as conflict are concerned with difference; people are having competing interests and competing perspectives to the same issues.

    Conflict can be defined as a clash or disagreement between two or more people, who disagree on an issue that threatens their needs, interest or concerns, values or needs and goals. Conflicts are an unavoidable and inevitable aspect of life. The ultimate root of conflict happens when a person perceives something or someone as a threat to his or her well-being. Threat triggers emotional and psychological responses which sometimes act as fuel to conflicts and ability to view and approach the situation in an objective manner is hampered. It makes communication difficult between both the conflicting parties.

    Conflict is not always negative, it can be creative and constructive too if handled and managed well. When we disagree on something, it helps us sharpen our focus and making us realize what the important issues are for us. Conflict is actually the main source through which change takes place in our society. It can bring various important changes to the organization where we work and to the society where we live. It is unavoidable to create an organization or society conflict free rather it is possible to manage conflict constructively and positively to minimize its adverse effects on society and organizations.


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    2. Types of Conflict ...

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    Project managers role in conflict resolutions are examined.