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    This question is about conflict resolution

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    What is a spiral in conflict? Provide an overview of the nature of spirals that occur in ongoing conflicts. Why should a spiral be altered in conflict? Next, discuss how a spiral can be altered. Be sure to use a specific example to make your point.

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    Conflict occurs when interdependent entities such as organizations in a partnership or different departments in the same organization, think there is opposition to their goals aims, and values and they perceive that the other party or entities are the ones interfering with the realization of these goals. If these perceptions continue they can become self-fulfilling prophecies that can result in a series of escalating actions and reactions that make up a conflict spiral (Greenberg, 2008. P.271).

    Escalating conflict spirals can be productive if they are planned but unplanned conflict spirals can be very ...

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    This is a definition and discussion of conflict spirals with an overview of the nature of spirals that occur in ongoing conflicts plus the reasons a spiral in conflict should be altered and how it can be altered. The discussion uses use a specific example to make its point.