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    Diagnoses in Alternative Dispute Resolution

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    Hi OTA,
    Could you please help me with the discussion questions below. I need 150 words for each question. Please provide some good examples.
    Thank you,

    Discussion Question # 1 Week 5 (Thur)
    When is it appropriate to ask if conflict diagnosis is necessary? Why?

    Discussion Question # 2 Week 5 (sat)
    How does one choose an appropriate dispute resolution process and a provider?

    Discussion Question # 3 (Monday)

    What are the ethical and practical issues that complicate the use of alternative dispute resolution tools?

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    Dear Student,
    Hello. There are two assumptions that I will be making to provide you the appropriate answers. First, points of view. In Q1, a position must be taken about 'who is asking' and why. In this regard, I am going to assume that it is neither parties but an appointed in-between nor mediator initially set at helping a colleagues or groups in settling conflict. Second, that you are already familiar with ADR and ethics therefore short answers in line with the word count is what you will be needing/will suffice. Thank you for using Brainmass, good luck!

    OTA 105878/Xenia Jones

    Timing for Conflict Diagnosis

    When and who asks regarding the necessity of a conflict diagnosis? In my opinion, all parties involved/with interest and even mediators initially enquired to look into a certain conflict, prior to engaging in alternative dispute resolution. The following questions are answered via conflict diagnosis:
    1. Relevant issues held by conflicting parties,
    2. What is the stage of escalation in the conflict? If unresolved, what are ...

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    the solution is a comprehensive and concise 586-word essay that discusses timing for conflict diagnosis, how to choose the applicable Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) approach and provider/practitioner and ethical and practical issues that cause complications in the use of ADR tools. References are provided for further expansion. A word version is attached for easy printing.