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    ADR Clause for a Team Environment

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    Can someone help me prepare an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) clause that can be used by a learning team to resolve disagreements among the team members. ( In 200 words)


    The clause must include at least one type of ADR in the clause; however, more than one type may be included. In addition to that the clause must provide all information necessary to define what disputes are subject to ADR and identify all provisions necessary to enable ADR to occur. The clause must also provide all the information needed for the ADR process to work effectively, leaving no question about the process unanswered. (In 200 words).

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    An Alternate Dispute Resolution clause means that the parties to a contract seek to resolve disputes without going in for litigation. The ADR may be mediation, mini-trial, summary jury trial, or arbitration. The reason for including the ADR clause is that litigation is costly and may take several years before the final judgment occurs. The most common form of ADR is the arbitration. The arbitrators are selected from the members of the American Arbitration Association From another ...

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