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    Conflict Management Systems in Business

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    A. Provide an example of an ADR clause you discovered from your research for this week.

    Please use the reference: American Arbitration Association. Drafting dispute resolution clauses-a practical guide. from http://www.adr.org

    B. If you were to develop a conflict management system for your organization, how would one apply the following elements - please provide potential American workplace example, if possible:

    Selection Criteria

    Training and Education

    Support Systems

    Evaluation of the Process'

    Please use only the following reference: Slaikeu, K.A., Hasson, R.H., & Forsyth, P. (2003). Conflict management systems. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.: New York.

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    This solution provides an example of an ADR clause, as well as explains how to apply the four elements (selection criteria, training and education, support systems, and evaluation of the process) in the development of a conflict management system for an organization.