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    Team Dynamics - Dealing with Conflict

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    Please help me write about Team Conflict Resolution Strategies using a thesis statement, introduction, body, and conclusion.

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    A thesis statement in an essay is a sentence that explicitly identifies the purpose of the paper or previews its main ideas. (Leo)

    Thomas has defined conflict as a process that begins when one party has negatively affected or is about to negatively affects, something that the first party cares about.
    Our paper will provide the conflict resolution strategies for team. Thus our thesis statement is "Effective conflict resolution strategies for team."


    A team comprises any group of people linked in a common purpose. Teams have always been a key factor responsible for the development of any organization, be it a business organization or be it a trust or a charitable organization. All teams are put together with the best intentions, yet not all teams are successful teams. One of the main barriers to the effectiveness of the team is the conflict between the team members. Conflict is a perception in mind of an individual or group of individuals that the other person or group is hindering the first party from achieving a goal. Conflict needs to be managed when it's dysfunctional. Proper skills in dealing with conflict can assist team leaders and other organization members to handle and effectively resolve conflicts, which can lead to a more productive organization as a whole.

    Ways of Conflict resolution
    Let us first understand the issue underlying conflict:
    Deutsch (1973) has suggested five types of basic issues underlying conflicts:
    Control over resources, preferences and nuisances, values, beliefs and the nature of relationship between parties. Thus internal characteristics of conflict include perception of the goal, perception of the other, view of the other's actions, definition of problem, communication, and internal group dynamics. These can be explained as follows:

    ? Perception of the goal becomes a problem when success becomes competitive, the focus is placed on the solution rather than attaining the goal.
    ? Perception of the other can create conflict when the attitude becomes "us versus them." Similarities and differences are emphasized causing division within a group.
    ? View of other's actions can be a problem when the situation is competitive instead of cooperative. Behavior can be suspicious in a competitive environment.
    ? Definition of problem can result in conflict when the size of the problem is escalated, issues are ...

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