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    Individual Paper on Team Dynamics - needs finalizing

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    Need help formatting and finalizing.
    I have this as well as a team paper and powerpoint to prepare. all Due Monday. Thanks in advance!!!

    Finalize a 1,050-1,750-word paper on your selected aspect of team dynamics. The paper should be in APA format and include at least six references. Remember to address both the benefits and challenges of working in teams in relationship to the selected topic. Also, examine how teams can enhance their performance in and realize more benefits in the selected topic area. Use the "Research Summary and Paraphrase Activity" completed in Week Four as a resource when finalizing the paper.

    * NOTE: I have a rough draft. Team roles, attached.

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    Dear Student,

    Thank you for selecting OTAs at BrainMass to assist you. Attached (.doc) is the edited draft of your paper. I put the text in APA style (with a reference link to APA for your review); added a title page, abstract, and sections accordingly. I also integrated the "Research Summary" within the final body of the text.

    Thanks again and Good luck! :-)



    The Dynamics of Individual Team Roles

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    A team's success depends on individual roles performed by each member, and this paper will attempt to discuss group roles. Benefits and challenges of working in teams will be examined, in addition to how teams can enhance their performance and realize more benefits. The "Research Summary and Paraphrase Activity" will be referenced as a resource for finalizing this text.

    The Dynamics of Individual Team Roles

    A team's success depends on the individual roles played by each team member. Assigning team members to roles that are tailored to use their individual strengths will result in a strong team. Conversely, members whom lack teamwork skills could weaken the entire group. Thus, the dynamics of individual team roles are paramount to its success.
    Even though a team member in a poorly assigned role could have that function absorbed by another teammate, single team member who lacks teamwork skills could weaken the effectiveness of the entire team.
    Benefits & Challenges
    The strength of the a team can be measured by the role of each individual member's role. A good project manager must consider how roles will be delegated. to the individuals that the team is composed of. The assignment of roles, the delegation of work, and dissemination of details is reliant upon the current project and certainly the strengths and weaknesses of each individual on the team. In order for a team project to be a success, everyone involved must understand the project and work towards one common goals. For the team to have success, tThe project manager, the team manager, and every each member of the team should all have a clear understandings of the tasks to be accomplished. The team members must have a clear understanding of the or project roles. to be assigned.
    Some challenges that may arise include ...

    Team-Building Steps
    I. The first step in building a successful team in order to complete a project or achieve a goal is guaranteeing that the project manager understands the group's mission project. The project must be thoroughly researched so that complete understanding is achieved by the team manager so he or she may direct members accurately. Any confusion must be resolved before the next stage of project planning is embarked upon. If a manager does not understand a project, the project is impossible to assign. Without understanding the project, it is difficult to successfully delegate member roles and convey project details to team members.

    II. The next step in building a successful team is choosing the right individuals for the right role. Separation of duties is dependent on so many factors, and the manager must be an expert at each. The project manager as well as the team manager must become acquainted with the strengths and weaknesses of each team member. Knowing the basic personality traits of each team member is needed as well. Productive ways of learning these qualities are having a casual conversation, or even a brief questionnaire. ...

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