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    Teamwork and Team Dynamics

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    Understanding how teams work is extremely important from the point of view of team dynamics, but when a team member has a life changing event how should a team respond? Should the team keep it's focus on the team task / goal or should the team re-evaluate the team task / goal based on the change in team dynamics? And if the team should change it's team focus how does the team include or exclude the team member that had the life - changing event? (Life changing events could be a death, divorce, change in family (birth), new college degree, etc.)

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    It is often said that a team is only as strong as its weakest link. It is human nature to be distracted at work by a major life changing event, such as marriage, divorce, having a child or even experiencing a serious illness with a loved one. Some people may have the ability to separate their personal and professional lives in such circumstances, where their work product is not affected. Others may not be able to do so and absences, errors in work ...

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    This solution is over 300 words and discusses how team members adapt and evolve when one encounters an event which significantly impacts their ability to work on the team task. The discussion analyzes possible team dynamic adjustments such as not shunning the member whom is having problems, while still ensuring the overall team project is intact.