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    Team Effectiveness and Leadership

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    Due to my limited experience and exposure to the business industry, can someone give me a readers digest version of when they were a member of a team that performed poorly. Why was the team lacking its effectiveness? How was the leader not able to get the team to perform? Also, what measures were implement in order to address such issues?

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    I was a member of a team that performed poorly. This was a project team that was required to expand the manufacturing capacity of our plant. The project consisted of changing the layout, adding new work areas with machines, and streamlining the production process. The team lacked effectiveness because the team members did not contribute enough, did not share their expertise/knowledge, and were not ...

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    The answer to this problem explains team effectiveness, the role of leadership, and outcome of poor teamwork. The measures of implementing in order to address such issues are provided. Two references related to the answer are also included to aid in the understanding.