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Leadership: The relationship between team effectiveness and servant leadership

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What is the relationship between team effectiveness and servant leadership based on research that has been done in this area? Support your position with a citation.

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This solution discussed a study on team effectiveness and servant leadership and what the outcomes of the study were. One reference is used and the solution is approximately 391 words.

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A study used in this report is conducted by Justin A. Irving (Bethel University)
and Gail J. Longbotham (Regent University ) titled, "Team Effectiveness and Six Essential Servant Leadership Themes: A Regression Model Based on items in the Organizational Leadership Assessment".

In this research, team effectiveness was studied in relation to servant leadership along six essential themes that include: a) providing accountability, b) supporting and resourcing, c) engaging in honest self-evaluation, d) fostering collaboration, e) communicating with clarity, and f) valuing and appreciating.

The research sample (1800 members) for this ...

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