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    Conflict Management Techniques in the Workplace

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    It is common for conflict to arise in the workplace, especially when there is a good deal of stress. Discuss what you believe to be the difference between competition and conflict. Talk about effective methods for dealing with conflict between people, with special attention to your own personal style of dealing with conflict. Discuss whether or not you use behaviors that may be uncomfortable to yourself or others.

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    To me, the difference between competition and conflict is that one can be good and the other is bad. Meaning, there is good competition and there is bad competition. Good competition promotes improved work functions among individuals while bad competition results in individuals working against one another in order to get better recognition. On the other hand, conflict usually entails disagreements that have the potential to affect work processes negatively if not addressed.

    Effective methods for dealing with conflict between people based on my personal style include using a democratic style and using a coaching style where individuals are able to express their grievances, as well as learn and grow and respect one another. In order to carry this out, I strongly believe in setting up the rules and regulations for ...

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