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    Team development techniques

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    Explain team development techniques. Be sure to include the following items:

    a. Identify how project team members are selected
    b. Identify team building strategies
    c. Identify potential areas of conflict within a diverse project team
    d. Identify techniques for reducing the probability of dysfunctional conflict
    e. Identify conflict resolution techniques that will be used when conflict arises

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    a. Identify how project team members are selected

    Project management is all about managing your tasks and goals with the optimum use of available resources within a finite frame of time. To achieve that, one would need the proper coordination of all possible inputs required to carry out the task successfully. A project organization is usually an overly to the functional structure of the host or parent organization. This overlay organization is characterized principally by horizontal lines of communication and workflow and by the necessity for planning, integrating and controlling various multidisciplinary tasks across functional lines.

    Thus, team members must be selected on the basis of skills, knowledge and application of both of them. They must have good communication skills and other skills mentioned below in part b, sound knowledge and ability to apply these in project situations.

    b. Identify team building strategies

    Team involvement will create an environment in which each member of the team has impacts on decisions and actions that affect their jobs. For example, team involvement includes such as employee participation or participative management, workplace democracy, empowerment and employee ownership.

    For this case motivation can be used to energize the project team. Employee participation is a participate process that uses the entire capability of employees and is intended for to encourage increased commitment to the organization success. This manager can use different employee contribution forms to energize team members in performing the task more efficiently and effectively which are as followed

    Managing team means acknowledging people's differences and recognizing these differences as valuable; it enhances good management practices by preventing discrimination and promoting inclusiveness. There are seven essential skills that one must learn in order to be able to successfully adopt the concept of teamwork. These skills are:

    1. Listening - it is important to listen to other people's ideas. When people are allow to freely express their ideas, these initial ideas will produce other ideas.

    2. Questioning - it is important to ask questions, interact, and discuss the objectives of the team.

    3. Persuading - individuals are encouraged to exchange, defend, and then to ultimately rethink their ideas.

    4. Respecting - it is important to treat others with respect and to support their ideas.

    5. Helping - it is crucial to help one's coworkers, which is the general theme of teamwork.

    6. Sharing - it is ...

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    The solution identifies how project team members and selected. The techniques for reducing the probability of a dysfunctional conflict are provided.