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    Project management team development techniques

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    I need some guidance in team development techniques:

    -Identify how project team members are selected.
    -Identify team-building strategies.
    -Identify potential areas of conflict within a diverse project team.
    -Identify techniques for reducing the probability of dysfunctional conflict.
    -Identify conflict resolution techniques used when conflict arises

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    1) Identify how project team members are selected: The key to selecting a project team is selecting a group of people with complementary skills who can work together well.
    a. Pick people with the right skill sets.
    i. Ask yourself what skills are required
    ii. Look for the following characteristics:
    -Team players
    -Motivational: choose people who can stay motivated and maintain motivation for the long haul
    -Skills and experience
    -Creative thinkers

    b. Review the project needs
    i. Pick the right people for the project- choose people who have the proper skills for the project. For example, if it is a database project, choose people with those skillsets.
    ii. Don't work with the same group of people, simply because you have worked with them before.
    iii. Utilize outside contractors where necessary.

    c. Choose a project leader
    i. Choose someone who has lots of knowledge about the project
    ii. Choose someone who works well with others.
    iii. Characteristics of a project manager
    -Collaborative management style
    -Adaptable: able to assess the situation and adapt to it
    -Great communicator
    -Flexible: excellent at handling change

    2) Identify team building strategies: there are several schools of thought regarding how to improve teams, such as total ...

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