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    Team Creation

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    Team Creation & Development
    Prepare a response in which you explain team development techniques. In your response be sure to include the following items:
    a. Identify how project team members are selected
    b. Identify team building strategies
    c. Identify potential areas of conflict within a diverse project team
    d. Identify techniques for reducing the probability of dysfunctional conflict
    e. Identify conflict resolution techniques that will be used when conflict arises

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    // Before writing about the 'Team Development Techniques', we have to first understand factors relating to the team development starting from its creation. Firstly, here, we would identify how we go about the 'Team Creation'.//

    Team Creation


    A team is a small group of individuals with unique features and complementary skills, who are committed to a common purpose, performance goals and approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable. A team itself controls its daily activities and the reward system in a team is based on its performance and individual level of skills. A team should efficiently perform its work activities and deliver the best results. All the team members should work with full co-operation and co-ordinate well with their team leader. But, it is not necessary that a team should always have a team leader. There are many types of teams like problem solving teams; self managed teams, cross functional teams etc. (Golembiewski, 2000).

    // After giving a brief introduction regarding team creation, we'll now discuss regarding the selection of team members.//

    Selection of team members

    The team members should be selected according to the guidelines provided by the draft plan prepared before the team implementation. Though, the criteria for selecting the team members may differ from team to team depending on the nature of teams, their duration, nature of task, size, etc. Usually form the considerations that are taken into account in the selection of team members. In addition, team member's skills (technical, problem-solving, decision making and interpersonal), member's personality characteristics (extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness and emotional stability), member's flexibility and preferences are also essential prerequisites for the purpose of selection.

    The selection of team members should be done in accordance with the requirements of the project. They should possess the required knowledge about the subject ...

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